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Online Physics Papers

Here are some of Alison Chaiken's papers about magnetism, superconductivity, XANES/NEXAFS and intercalation compounds.

The papers in this directory were converted from LaTeX source to html via a heavily hacked version of Niko Drakos' latex2html.

The figures for these papers were made using xmgrace , a program with a nice GUI that produces real postscript output (unlike plotting packages from Microsquish).

The magnetization curves in our most recent papers were produced with a LakeShore Cryotronics magnetometer running an LLNL-produced FREE software package called VSM . (2K)

Fits to HC2(T) data on superconductors using the Werthamer-Helfand-Hohenberg (WHH) formula were performed with a C program that was written by J.E. Tkaczyk and J.A.X. Alexander and has been modified by me. Orbital, Pauli and magnetic impurity pair-breakers are included and thin-film geometries are allowed. The tarred and zipped sources are available by anonymous ftp. (19K)

Are you a real experimental scientist? Find out by checking your response to this Sidney Harris cartoon! (27K)

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