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Hikes up Mission Peak, Fremont CA

Or, Far More than Thirty-Six Views of Mission Peak

at the Stanford Ave trailhead

Mission Peak with snow from Stanford Avenue, February 12, 2001.

Photographic Guides to the Ascent

Mission Peak Trailmap

Here is a map of the trails on Mission Peak, a popular hiking spot in Fremont, CA. The map was made from the GPS tracklogs of separate hikes up to the summit from the Sunol, Stanford Avenue, Ohlone and Ed Levin trailheads. Much more technical information is available on our GPS page.

Mission Peak Trail Profiles

Here are some topographic profiles of the trails up Mission Peak. These profiles were generated from tracklogs and waypoints made using a Garmin GPS receiver with differential correction. The elevations were recorded by hand, since the Garmin 12XL does not include elevations as part of waypoint data. The lateral coordinates are good to ±2m, while the elevation data are somewhat less accurate. The distances displayed are the integrated distance along the trail as obtained from the tracklog, which is taken at much higher spatial resolution than the waypoint data.

Oral History of Mission Peak

The interview with Roan McClure, former Mission Peak rancher was conducted on November 24, 2006. All audio files are in the Ogg Vorbis format. This map shows the location on Mission Peak of the sites mentioned by McClure.

Written History of Humans in the Mission Peak Area

Natural History

Getting Out Guide

Other Useful Information


Wolfgang did most of the work, including lugging the differential DGPS receiver with its lead-acid battery all the way up to the summit several times. Thanks also to Lou Terminello, Bob Teeter, Michelle Geary, Kevin Lahey and Dave Brock for accompanying us on these hikes.

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