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Favorite Recipes

Here are some of my favorite recipes, the ones I can purchase the ingredients for without prior consultation. I haven't gotten any copyright permissions from the authors, but I do urge you to buy all the cookbooks these recipes come from! Many of these recipes contain hot peppers or sauces, but most would be just fine with no hot stuff at all. All are fairly easy to make. To me this means that if you put on one of your favorite CD's and open a bottle of wine when you start, the food will be done about the time the CD is over and the wine bottle is empty.

I recently added metric units to all the recipes since I have noticed that most people on earth don't use the marvelous tablespoon-cup-ounce system. (Hey there are 48 teaspoons to a cup, and 16 fluid ounces per pound; what's so confusing?) I think my conversions are correct, but please do let me know if you find obvious mistakes.

And here are a couple of recipes from my Mom:

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