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Here are bibliographies for 3 one-hour talks on Transition Metal Multilayer Magnetism I gave in March 1997 at the Workshop on Itinerant Magnetism at the International Center for Condensed Matter Physics at the Universidade de Brasilia.

Bibliography for Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Talk

Here are some review articles about GMR and related topics that I recommend, in no particular order:

  1. Physics Today, April 1995 special issue.
  2. Ultrathin Magnetic Structures, J.A.C. Bland and B. Heinrich editors, several useful articles.
  3. C.L. Chien, ``Magnetism and Giant Magneto-transport Properties in Granular Solids,'' 1995 volume of Annual Review of Materials Science (a broader review than the title indicates).
  4. B. Dieny, ``Giant magnetoresistance in spin-valve multilayers,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 136, 335 (1994).
  5. R.E. Camley and R.L. Stamps, ``Magnetic Multilayers: Spin Configurations, Excitations and Giant Magnetoresistance,'' J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 5, 3727 (1993).
  6. S.S.P. Parkin, ``Giant Magnetoresistance in Magnetic Nanostructures,'' 1995 volume of Annual Review of Materials Science.
  7. Proceedings of MMM and Intermag conferences, published respectively in the November issue of Journal of Applied Physics and the September issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.
  8. There are a number of relevant electronic links catalogued in a different file.

And here are some other important and/or useful articles I discussed in my talk:

  1. M.N. Baibich, J.M. Broto, A. Fert, F. Nguyen Van Dau, F. Petroff, P. Eitenne, G. Creuzet, A. Friederich, and J. Chazelas, Phys. Rev. Lett. 61, 2472 (1988). (Discovery of GMR))
  2. N.F. Mott, Proc. Roy. Soc. A153, 699 (1936). (two-current model)
  3. T.R. McGuire and R.I. Potter, IEEE Trans. Magn. 11, 1018 (1975). (AMR physics and applications)
  4. B. Dieny, V.S. Speriosu, S.S.P. Parkin and B.A. Gurney, ``Giant Magnetoresistance in Soft Ferromagnetic Multilayers,'' Phys. Rev. B 43, 1297 (1991). (spin-valves introduction)
  5. B. Dieny, P. Humbert, V.S. Speriosu, and S. Metin, ``Giant Magnetoresistance of Magnetically Soft Sandwiches - Dependence on Temperature and on Layer Thickness,'' Phys. Rev. B 45, 806 (1992).
  6. A. Chaiken, C.J. Gutierrez, J.J. Krebs and G.A. Prinz, "Composition Dependence of Giant Magnetoresistance in Fe/Ag/CoxFe1-x Sandwiches," J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 125, 228 (1993). (spin valves)
  7. B.A. Gurney, V.S. Speriosu, J.P. Nozieres and H. Lefakis, ``Direct Measurement of Spin-Dependent Conduction-Electron Mean Free Paths in Ferromagnetic Metals,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 4023 (1993). (conductance and back layers)
  8. W.P. Pratt, S.F. Lee, J.M. Slaughter, R. Loloee and J. Bass, ``Perpendicular Giant Magnetoresistances of Ag/Co Multilayers,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 3060 (1991). (first CPP measurements)
  9. T. Shinjo and T. Ono, ``Magnetoresistance of Multilayers on Microstructured Substrates,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 156, 11 (1996). (CAP measurements)
  10. T. Miyazaki, T. Yaoi, and S. Ishio, ``Large Magnetoresistance Effect in NiFe/AlO/Co Magnetic Tunneling Junction,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 98, L7 (1991). (first modern tunneling paper)
  11. J.S. Moodera, L.R. Kinder, T.M. Wong and R. Meservey, ``Large Magnetoresistance at Room Temperature in Ferromagnetic Thin Film Tunnel Junctions,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 74, 3273 (1995).
  12. D.E. Heim, R.E. Fontana, C. Tsang and V.S. Speriosu, ``Design and Operation of Spin-Valve Sensors,'' IEEE Trans. on Magn. 30, 316 (1994). (spin-valve recording head)
  13. J. Daughton, J. Brown, E. Chen and R. Beech, ``Magnetic Field Sensors using GMR Multilayer,'' IEEE Trans. on Magn. 30, 4608 (1994).

Bibliography for Interlayer Exchange Coupling Talk

Here are some review articles relevant to interlayer exchange coupling:

  1. J.C. Slonczewski, ``Overview of Interlayer Exchange Theory,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 150, 13 (1995).
  2. P. Bruno, ``Theory of Interlayer Magnetic Coupling,'' Phys. Rev. B, 411 (1995).
  3. B. Heinrich and J.F. Cochran, ``Ultrathin metallic magnetic films: magnetic anisotropies and exchange interactions,'' Adv. Phys. 42, 523 (1993).

Here are some other important and/or useful articles I discussed in my talk:

  1. S.S.P. Parkin, N. More and K.P. Roche, ``Oscillations in Exchange Coupling and Magnetoresistance in Metallic Superlattice Structures - Co/Ru, Co/Cr and Fe/Cr,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 2304 (1990). (discovery of long-period exchange oscillations)
  2. J. Unguris, R.J. Celotta, and D.T. Pierce, ``Observation of Two Different Oscillation Periods in the Exchange Coupling of Fe/Cr/Fe(100),'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 140 (1991). (discovery of short-period oscilations)
  3. M.D. Stiles, ``Exchange Coupling in Magnetic Heterostructures,'' Phys. Rev. B 48, 7328 (1993). (relation between Fermi surface features and oscillations)
  4. J.E. Ortega, F.J. Himpsel, G.J. Mankey and R.F. Willis, ``Quantum-Well States and Magnetic Coupling between Ferromagnets through a Noble-Metal Layer,'' Phys. Rev. B 47, 1540 (1993). (quantum-well states)
  5. S. Demokritov, J.A. Wolf, and P. Grunberg, ``Evidence for Oscillations in the Interlayer Coupling of Fe Films across Cr Films from Spin Waves and M(H) Curves,'' Europhysics Lett. 8, 881 (1991). (Brillouin light-scattering technique)
  6. A. Scheyer, J.F. Ankner, T. Zeidler and H. Zabel, ``Noncollinear and Collinear Magnetic Structures in Exchange-Coupled Fe/Cr(001) Superlattices,'' Phys. Rev. B 52, 16066 (1995). (neutron scattering technique)
  7. J.J. Krebs, P. Lubitz, A. Chaiken and G.A. Prinz, ``Magnetic Resonance Determination of the Antiferromagnetic Coupling of Fe Layers through Cr,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 63, 1645 (1989). (ferromagnetic resonance technique)
  8. D. Altbir, M. Kiwi, R. Ramirez and I. Schuller, ``Dipolar Interaction and Its Interplay with Interface Roughness,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 149, L246 (1995). (magnetostatic coupling in multilayers)
  9. B. Heinrich, Z. Celinski, and J.F. Cochran, ``Analysis of Bilinear and Biquadratic Exchange Coupling in Fe/Ag/Fe(001) Trilayers,'' J. Appl. Phys. 73, 5966 (1993). (biquadratic coupling)
  10. D.M. Deaven, D.S. Rokhsar, and M. Johnson, ``Simple Theory of Exchange Coupling in Transition-Metal Magnetetic Multilayers,'' Phys. Rev. B 44, 5977 (1991). (origin of long-period oscillations)
  11. C. Chappert and J.P. Renard, ``Long-Period Oscillating Interactions between Ferromagnetic Layers Separated by a Nonmagnetic Metal - A Simple Physical Picture,'' Europhys. Lett. 15, 553, 1991. (origin of long-period oscillations)
  12. J.C. Slonczewski, ``Origin of Biquadratic Exchange in Magnetic Multilayers,'' J. Appl. Phys. 73, 5957 (1993). (biquadratic coupling)
  13. J.A. Borchers, M.B. Salamon, R.W. Erwin, and J.J. Rhyne, ``Structural and Magnetic Properties of Er Thin Films and Er/Y Superlattices,'' Phys. Rev. B 43, 3123 (1991). (rare-earth interlayer coupling)
  14. E.E. Fullerton, J.E. Mattson, S.R. Lee, C.H. Sowers and S. Bader, ``Non-Oscillatory Antiferromagnetic Coupling in Sputtered Fe/Si Superlattices,'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 117, L301 (1992). (possible coupling across semiconductors)
  15. J.A. Carlisle, A. Chaiken, R.P. Michel, L.J. Terminello, J.J. Jia, T. Calcott and D.L. Ederer, "Soft X-ray Fluorescence Study of Buried Silicides in Antiferromagnetically Coupled Fe/Si Multilayers," Phys. Rev. B 53, R8824 (1996). (no coupling across semiconductors)

Bibliography for Anisotropy Talk

Here are some review articles relevant to magnetic anisotropy in thin films:

  1. B. Heinrich and J.F. Cochran, ``Ultrathin metallic magnetic films: magnetic anisotropies and exchange interactions,'' Adv. Phys. 42, 523 (1993).
  2. Ultrathin Magnetic Structures I, eds. J.A.C. Bland and B. Heinrich, several articles.
  3. Mark Kryder, ``Magneto-optical Storage Materials,'' in Annual Rev. Mat. Sci. 1993.
  4. M. Mansuripur, The Physical Principles of Magneto-optical Recording, Cambridge University Press. (encyclopedic)

And here are some other important and/or useful articles I discussed in my talk:

  1. P.W. Shumate, Jr., R.V Coleman and R.C. Fivaz, ``Resistivity of Iron as a Function of Magnetization and Stress,'' Phys. Rev. B 1, 394 (1976). (shape anisotropy in Fe whiskers)
  2. G.A. Prinz, G.T. Rado and J.J. Krebs, ``Magnetic properties of single-crystal (110) iron films grown on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy,'' J. Appl. Phys. 53, 1982. (anisotropy due to surface reconstruction)
  3. S.W. Sun and R.C. O'Handley, ``Surface Magnetoelastic Coupling,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 2798 (1991). (surface magnetostriction differs from bulk)
  4. V.G. Harris, F. Hellman, W.T. Elam and N.C. Koon, ``Substrate Temperature Effect on the Structural Anisotropy in Amorphous Tb-Fe Films,'' J. Appl. Phys. 73, 5785 (1993). (anisotropy in MO media is due to Neel-Taniguchi effect)
  5. Brad N. Engel, Michael H. Wiedmann, Robert A. van Leeuwen, and Charles M. Falco, ``Anomalous magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin transition metals,'' Phys. Rev. B 48, 9894 (1993). (overlayers affect anisotropy of thin magnetic films)
  6. D.P. Pappas, K.-P. Kämper, B.P. Miller, H. Hopster, D.E. Fowler, A.C. Luntz, C.R. Brundle, and Z.-X. Shen, ``Magnetism of ultrathin films of Fe/Cu(100),'' J. Appl. Phys. 69, 5209 (1991). (temperature-dependent reorientation transition)
  7. A. Berger, U. Linke, and H.P. Oepen, ``Symmetry-induced uniaxial anisotropy in ultrathin epitaxial cobalt films grown on Cu(1 1 13),'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 839 (1992). (anisotropy induced by surface steps)
  8. H.P. Oepen, A. Berger, C.M. Schneider, T. Reul, and J. Kirschner, ``Uniaxial anistropy in epitaxial cobalt films grown on Cu(1 1 13),'' J. Magn. Magn. Matls. 121, 490 (1993). (same as above, more interesting pictures)
  9. W. Weber, C.H. Back, A. Bischof, D. Pescia, and R. Allenspach, ``Magnetic switching in cobalt films by adsorption of copper,'' Nature 374, 788 (1995). (overlayers affect step-induced anisotropy)
  10. M.E. Buckley, F.O. Schumann, and J.A.C. Bland, ``Strong changes in the magnetic properties of ultrathin Co/Cu(001) films due to submonolayer quantities of a nonmagnetic overlayer,'' Phys. Rev. B 52, 6596 (1995). (quantitative study of effect of overlayers on step anisotropy)
  11. J.J. Krebs, B.T. Jonker, and G.A. Prinz, ``Properties of Fe single-crystal films grown on (100) GaAs by molecular-beam epitaxy,'' J. Appl. Phys. 61, 2596 (1987). (more about relation between surface reconstruction and anisotropy)
  12. E. Gu, E. Ahmad, S.J. Gray, C. Daboo, J.A.C. Bland, L.M. Brown, M. Rührig, A.J. McGibbon, and J.N. Chapman, ``Micromagnetism of epitaxial Fe(001) elements on the Mesoscale,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 1158 (1997). (anisotropy of Fe dots)

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