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GUI programming, image and statistical analysis, and data analysis.


Linux/Unix scripting and system administration, C, XML and XSL, Java, Eclipse, and Matlab.


1997-present: advanced development engineer at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


intuitive wireless device discovery and association protocol research; real-time image capture and analysis system for continuous-feed fabrication process using Matlab GUI front-end and custom camera installation; development of automated optical test system for data storage application.


designed, built and created software for an optical microscope video-camera system housed inside a vacuum chamber; created GUI-based image capture software in Matlab on Windows suitable for naive users; authored a GUI-based microscopy image analysis software package; created browser-based lab notebook application for technicians in Perl; co-wrote NSF-funded proposal with U.C. Davis on magnetic particle biosensing; created Visual Studio automated test system that determined optimal optical recording parameters.

Major Publications:

"Matlab-controlled continuous-process web inspection system," excerpt from report to the U.S. Display Consortium.
"Electronic detection of reversible optical recording on diodes," Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 45, 2580 (2006).
"Nanomechanical Detection of DNA Melting on Microcantilevers," Anal. Chem. 78, 7104 (2006).

1992-1997: staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


development of novel magnetic sensors for data storage and landmine detection purposes; optimization of sensor materials for linearity and sensitivity.


Built and programmed automated deposition and test systems for magnetic recording heads using Forth and Visual Studio; pioneered new patented landmine detection method; co-PI of Army-funded proposal on using magnetoresistive sensors for unexploded ordnance and landmine detection; published menu-driven Forth-based magnetometer-control software used by groups outside LLNL.

Major Publications:

"Unexploded Ordnance Detection using Imaging GMR Sensor Arrays," UXO Forum 1997.
"Cryogenically Cooled Multiple Substrate Holder for High Vacuum," Rev. Sci. Instr., 1994.

Major Patents:

"Apparatus and method for imaging metallic objects using an array of giant magnetoresistive sensors," 6,124,712.

1989-1992: National Research Council postdoctoral fellow at Naval Research Laboratory


2008-2009: UCSC Extension courses "Linux: Embedded Design and Programming," "Comprehensive Java Programming," "XML and Java," "Python for Programmers," "Object-Oriented Analysis and Design," "Linux Device Drivers."

2006-2007: TechShop courses "Basic Lathe," "Basic and Intermediate Mill," "Carbon Fiber Lay-up," "Laser Cutting and Marking."

2006-2006: course " Presenting Data and Information " by Edward Tufte.

2004-2004: New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer Workshop

1983-1988: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, physics.

1979-1983: B.A., Dartmouth College, physics.

Professional Activities:


U.S. citizen, bicycle commuter and racer, MIT Club of Northern California officer, Maker Faire exhibitor, Instructables author.

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