7-Mile Loop Hike through San Francisco's Hilly Core


Bruce Baumgart and friends followed more or less the same route and posted their own improved turn-by-turn directions.

Sunday June 26, 2011

Alison Chaiken

map of hike route

Click on the image to view a Google Map with downloadable GPS coordinates information. For some reason, the GMap is initially zoomed all the way out.

Elevation profile
Elevation profile from Bikely

Dedication: to Ron Brown, who originally led this hike and who died too young. This month's outing will be my 3rd excursion on his route.

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When? Sunday June 26, 2011, 10 AM
Where? Squat and Gobble Cafe, 1 West Portal Ave., San Francisco CA 94127
Distance/Elevation Gain? 7.4 miles with about 900 feet of elevation gain.
Pace? moderate.
Lunch? definitely. Picnic or restaurant is a group decision.
Kids? Sure, especially since participants can turn back at any point on the route.
Carpool? Email me if you're coming from the South Bay or Peninsula.
Don't forget: water bottle, camera, jacket, sunscreen, hat, street map of San Francisco, half a dozen slick electronic gadgets.

Bottom-line summary

We'll follow the Bay Area Ridge Trail route as it gradually ascends to the Twin Peaks area where we'll take in the extraordinary views from Christmas Tree Point and the northernmost Twin Peak. We'll return to West Portal through Forest Knolls, Sunset Heights, Golden Gate Heights, and Forest Hill, enjoying many of San Francisco's neighborhood stairways along the way.


Meet in front of the Squat and Gobble Cafe at the corner of West Portal Ave. and Ulloa St. (directly across from the West Portal MUNI station). The K, L, and M MUNI train lines stop at West Portal, and these train lines can be accessed at each of the four downtown BART stations, making public transportation an easy alternative. If you drive, unlimited parking is available on the residential streets near the West Portal MUNI on weekends.

Deep Majumdar's photos from 2011 and mine from 2004.

Sutro stairs
Stairs on Mt. Sutro

Grandview Park, 2004
Grandview Park


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